When considering treatment, it may deter someone who has only heard about residential rehabs. At Greater Boston Addiction Centers (GBAC), we offer many treatment options, such as intensive outpatient treatment in MA to provide treatment to those who could benefit from treatment found in residential rehabs but can not afford to stop working or living at home. 

Having a substance abuse problem can impact your mental and physical well-being and its important you see the best mens drug rehab Massachusetts has to offer. It is important to seek treatment if you are experiencing negative effects on your life from abusing drugs or alcohol. Although you may feel there are challenges in seeking treatment, there does not have to be. As one of the best rehab centers in Mass, we offer an extensive list of treatment options that are specifically tailored to adhere to your specific needs. Our outpatient rehab is modeled around your life, with daytime and evening options being available. Listed below are some of the benefits one would receive by attending our outpatient rehab at Greater Boston Addiction Centers:

  • Ability to continue to work and live at home
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP), designed for those who have extreme symptoms of substance abuse like withdrawal that would require medical attention
  • Daytime treatment/Evening treatment, flexibility designed to work with your needs
  • Less money spent than residential rehab with the same benefits
  • You are not forced to live at the facility; you have the ability to return home after a day of treatment programming
  • By being able to see family and friends throughout treatment, your support system will strengthen, eventually encouraging lifelong recovery

Outpatient Treatment at GBAC

By engaging in our intensive outpatient program, the chances of recovery increase. We are proud to offer personalized services to our patients because we believe that no one patient is the same at GBAC. Without different treatment options, people are at a greater risk of relapse. As mentioned above, no one patient is the same at GBAC; therefore, we curate a patient’s program to their specific needs in mind. If you or a loved one is experiencing a diminishing quality of life due to a substance abuse problem, outpatient Boston-area drug rehab can help.

Our programs will teach a patient the tools necessary to live a healthy life without using drugs or alcohol. Our staff has been trained to have the patient’s care at the forefront of consideration, which is the foundation of our core values at GBAC, exceptional care to all that receive treatment at our facility. Our mindfulness approach to healing is both accessible and affordable. Whether it is through one of our outpatient rehabs or cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment options, we are eager to help. Reach out today by visiting our website online or call GBAC at 877.926.3034

Drug Rehab Programs Offered at GBAC

Listed below are some of the drug rehab programs that you or someone you know with a substance abuse problem could benefit from:

We also provide post-treatment services such as our extensive Greater Boston alumni network; this network was designed to provide care even after you leave treatment.