If you are facing an eating disorder it is imperative you find a treatment center that can treat all aspects of your behavioral and physical health before you should consider making decisions on your oral health, if you have an eating disorder it can manifest itself in the form of many different physical and mental conditions that should be treated by a medical professional. If you feel like you have an eating dis order please visit SAMSAH to find a behavioral specialist near you.

After recovery many people want to seek out a dentist to help their smile recovery from the negative effects of an eating disorder. Often times eating disorders can cause tooth decay, dry mouth, soft palate damage, and much more. Many people often visit a Dentist in Pearland Texas. Where they will have restorative dental options and cosmetic dental procedures

The Negative Impact Of Self Induced Vomiting

Often times eating disorders manifest themselves in self harming ways like self induced vomiting. This can lead to enamel loss, tooth erosion, discoloration, and weakening of the teeth, among other damage. Many individuals may need fluoride treatments or teeth whitening to help there smile recovery from the negative habits.

Why does self induced throwing up have such a negative effect on your oral health? Because when you vomit the stomach acid from your stomach enters your mouth and exposes your teeth and small tissue to the harmful effects. This can weaken your teeth, making them brittle and discolored.

Also individuals who vomit often also experience small tissue damage , meaning that their gums, sides of the mouth, or back of the throat show visible damage from self-induced vomiting and may need help from a Periodontal specialist in Texas. This is usually an indicator to dentists who might already suspect that their patient is struggling with an eating disorder.

Lack of Nutrition & Effect On Oral Health

With self restriction of eating, a behavior associated with many eating disorders but especially associated with anorexia nervosa, individuals often succumb to nutritional deficiency. This leads to a variety of oral health concerns you may want to ask your dentist in Missouri City, TX.

Not eating the right foods can result in tooth decay and gum disease and even lead to significant problems that may require oral surgery or other specialty dental services Tesax. Iron deficiency often leads to open sores in the mouth, and a lack of vitamin B3 can cause bad breath and the development of painful canker sores.

Talking to Your Dentist

Dentists are going to be as being some of the first health care professionals to whom a previously undiagnosed eating disorder patient may present. Essentially, dentists can see unique red flags in the teeth and soft palate that many other health professionals might miss. Often times dentists will have a plethora of of dental services like

Dentists will also be able to refer you to a behavioral specialist that will be able to help treat the unhealthy habits and find a more fulfilling lifestyle.