CMAR’s Clinical Director Featured in The Mighty

Denver, CO: Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery’s clinical director Michael Damioli has been featured in a recent article from The Mighty.

In their article “Why ‘Harm Reduction’ Could Be a Tool for Managing and Minimizing Drug Addiction,” Damioli offers his perspective on the role of harm reduction and injection sites in addiction treatment. In injection centers, individuals who use illicit drugs like heroin can inject them safely, with medical care and life-saving medications on hand if necessary. These centers are a type of harm reduction, which minimizes pain and risks for those who use various substances. 

In Damioli’s view, injection centers and other harm reduction services should be a larger part of the landscape of addiction treatment. His view is that “treating drug users like human beings is the answer to the epidemic and safe injection sites is one step in that direction.” At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, harm reduction techniques are used to help patients on the path to sustainable recovery, and will likely be found in more addiction treatment centers in the future.

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