Are you or a loved one ready to give up alcohol? Finding the right treatment is important. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous if done poorly. Having a medically, supervised alcohol detox is the best route. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous because the central nervous system is impacted by excessive alcohol use. The central nervous system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord. These two major components, along with the countless nerves connected to each, control much of the function of our bodies.

With excessive alcohol consumption, the nervous system gets used to it. Excessive alcohol use impairs your brain functioning ability. It also alters how your nerves send messages back-and-forth to the brain. With heavy drinking, your central nervous system gradually adjusted to having alcohol in your system. Because it is a depressant of the central nervous system, your body has adjusted to having this depressant present. When you stop using alcohol, your body has to readjust to “normal.”

What Are Some Reactions To Alcohol Withdrawal?

Getting this right is important because unsafe detoxification practices can lead to death in rare situations. Altering the chemical balance of your body is not something to take lightly. Having professional intervention is key. When you or your loved one decide to make the great decision to stop abusing alcohol there are going to be symptoms.

Symptoms of alcohol detox begin shortly after you stop drinking.  Once you stop drinking, you may notice; excessive sweating, vomiting, headache, anxiety, hands shaking, and insomnia. You may notice the symptoms the same day that you stop drinking alcohol excessively.

Depending upon the amount and the duration of alcohol addiction, you may experience more severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The more severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms include; high blood pressure, fever, racing heartbeat, intense confusion, and hallucinations. You may also experience delusions or seizures. These more severe symptoms are categorized as delirium tremens (DT’s).

Do I Need Drugs To Stop Abusing Alcohol?

There are several sedative medications that a physician will prescribe if you need medical detox from alcohol. Understanding your drug abuse history is key to know which, if any, medication should be used. This is a particular part of the detox process and must be supervised by a medical physician. Along with your medical doctor, your treatment team will be comprised of psychological clinicians as well.

What Is The Best Way To Detox From Alcohol?

The very best way to stop using alcohol is to go inpatient at a professional detoxification program. These programs vary in length according to your individual situation. You will have an evaluation at the detox center, and likely you’ll be asked about your alcohol intake. Your decision to give up alcohol will be discussed and explored in all phases of alcohol rehabilitation treatment. When you’re being evaluated, you will be assessed for the need for medication. Taking medication when you’re detoxing from alcohol can be a great help. Your treatment team will make the assessment. Also, if you have medical concerns, medication may be indicated in your detoxification process.

Tides Edge Detox Center Can Assist With Alcohol Detox

Detox lays the foundation for your entire treatment experience. At Tides Edge Detox Center, we only treat detox clientele. In this way, we can focus on this very important first step. Professional staff is well acquainted with alcohol detox, as well as several other detoxification processes. We are located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Some of the specified programmings include:

Seek Out Addiction Treatment

Once you have successfully detoxed from treatment it is often best if you seek addiction addiction treatment programs that will help you reach lasting recovery. For more information on the best recovery programs in Florida look to beaches recovery which offers programs like

Deciding to give up alcohol and save your health is a great step in the right direction. Let us help you along the way. Call us today at 866.723.3127, or contact us online.

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