Addiction wellness is very exciting. There is a powerful feeling of independence from the dominating grip of drugs and alcohol. Addiction detox and recovery is a triumph. 

Along with a new and strong independence, there is also vulnerability.

The world outside awaits. 


The power of addiction

The word “addiction” is derived from the Latin term “to enslave”.

Addiction rearranges the brain. It changes the way a person processes information for learning and motivation. Certain activities that are intensely pleasurable at the onset can actually commandeer the brain, fundamentally changing positive functions to compulsions this can create the unique issue of facing mental health disorder and addiciton. For Teens this can be especially dangerous in their adolecent years that is where a Teen Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center can help teens find lasting recovery 


Addiction is a strong craving, subsequent loss of control over using a substance and continual use even with dire consequences. Sometimes these can metastasize mental as personality disorders  like manic depression which makes entering a boys bipolar disorder treatment center even more important

Today we recognize addition as a chronic condition.


Interrupting the compulsion

You want a rehab that  invokes the highest standards for treatment, not only for addictions, but the mental disorders that often shadow addictive compulsions usually this will include trauma treatment programs and depression treatment programs


Most Rehabs provide a complete physical examination upon arrival at the center to determine any illnesses, as well as psychiatric evaluation to determine thought disorders often then they will have an idea of treatment programs to offer to you which can include Amphetamine Abuse Treatment, Benzo Addiction Treatment, Cocaine addiction Treatment and even some not so normal ones like DMX substance abuse treatment. Dietary history is recorded to discover underlying nutritional habits or deficits that contribute to illness. It is important to understand any concealed issues that drive addictive behaviors. 


Changing course

Addiction wellness begins with the understanding that all of life cannot be pleasurable. It means saying “no” to addiction, and replacing that with “yes” to other activities that build positive physical and mental strengths this is usually a concept that is better taught in detail in an addiction treatment center 

Some Rehabs offers medical detoxification under a physician, behavior therapies, group sessions, meditation programs and physical fitness programs. Family therapy is an important adjunct, because all social interaction is disrupted and corrupted by addiction. Some instances people will even respond better to adventure therapy


Addiction wellness

Addiction wellness means understanding the chronic nature of addiction, and becoming prepared through support to live a positive lifestyle. For instance, diabetes is a chronic condition, so a diabetic person is prepared with medical support and therapy to cope with the disease and lead a productive life. 


Sober living communities assist people in learning how to live a positive and rewarding lifestyle without the bondage of drugs or alcohol. Structure is important. People are encouraged to schedule their lives and fill them with work, chores and nutritious meals. Sober living fosters vital communication skills and the ability to reach out and interact positively with others. Contribution to society through volunteer work is encouraged for more information on teen drug rehab.