Are you curious about what therapies are used for addiction treatment? It’s important to understand the different therapy modalities that are available for substance abuse. You want to ensure that you are participating in therapy programs that are specifically geared toward substance abuse. Also, you need to make sure the therapies will be effective for the problems of substance abuse. Taking part in evidence based addiction therapy programs in Midway, Utah is a crucial first step on your journey to healing.

What Therapies are Used for Addiction Treatment?

When wondering what therapies are used for addiction treatment, the research indicates that evidence-based therapy is the most important type to obtain. Below are some of the most useful types of therapies that can help with addiction treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This type of psychotherapy involves talking to a therapist about negative issues in your life. From these discussions, the therapist can help you identify where the negativity stems from.

The premise of cognitive behavioral therapy is that most people with a substance use disorder struggle with negative thoughts. Often they don’t even realize that negativity is influencing their decisions and life. When you have negative thinking, it leads to negative feelings, and therefore poor judgment and decisions. Struggling with negative thoughts can make you feel bad, but you can find the strength to break this cycle of thinking through right thinking.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR therapy is a useful tool for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol because it works to treat trauma, something that many people who have substance abuse problems also suffer from. The brain tends to protect you when you go through a traumatic event by pushing the event to the back of your memory or blocking it altogether. However, even though you may push it to the back of your mind, the trauma still plays out in your life. You may not fully understand what drives you to make the negative choices that you do or seek substances that numb the emotions and mind, but much of it could stem from an earlier trauma that you’re trying to block out.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic addiction therapy combines both traditional medicines with non-traditional methods. For example, you may require some medication during rehab. You may have a mental health condition co-occurring with the substance abuse, or you may need medication-assisted therapy to ween yourself off of drugs or alcohol. Your therapist may also provide some types of non-traditional forms of treatment in tandem with your medication-assisted therapy. You may receive massage therapy, acupuncture, or yoga therapy in addition to your medication therapy. This creates a balance between your body, mind, and emotions so that you can heal more completely.

When considering what therapies are used for addiction treatment, it’s best to consult with a rehab consultant to find one that specifically meets your needs.

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