For addiction recovery, many patients need more than outpatient care. Dedicating extra time toward recovery may require patients to live in a recovery facility. But, there are several benefits of inpatient rehab that patients can reap by going this route. In fact, for some, it could make a difference in their success in overcoming addiction.

Inpatient Rehab Center Offer Support Around the Clock

During the early phases of recovery, the process is the most difficult. Therefore, patients need to have constant support. If trying to overcome addiction at home, patients won’t have regular access to others who understand the recovery process. At an inpatient addiction treatment facility, patients have staff on hand to offer them support for their mental and physical recovery. In fact, with this extra support, patients may have lower chances of relapse.

Inpatient Care Protects Patients from Access to Substances

A major reason for choosing inpatient care is to provide a space without access to drugs or alcohol. By maintaining physical distance from abused substances, patients may make greater strides in creating mental separation from their addiction.

Additionally, immediately after detox, the chances of overdosing are high. Patients who developed tolerances to drugs or alcohol before entering detox may still crave the high doses of these substances after detox. However, because their body no longer tolerates such high levels, resuming drug or alcohol use at former amounts could cause an overdose. Far too many patients die from this happening.

An inpatient alcohol rehab center prevents this situation by preventing patients from having any access to substances they can overdose on, allowing them to stay safe until they can go through mental therapy to combat cravings.

Protecting patients from access to substances also means keeping them away from dangerous behaviors that may accompany addiction. For example, patients cannot drink and drive or injure themselves from substance use while in residential care.

Inpatient Facilities Ensure a Supportive Environment

The most important aspect of inpatient recovery is the supportive environment that patients experience. They have help from both staff and other patients to motivate them toward recovery. Support is especially crucial in a recovery program that emphasizes the shame and codependency causes of addiction. Finding support can help improve recovery chances.

Support in inpatient comes from individual and group therapy sessions. These types of therapy include a variety of methods of improving recovery outcomes. Some types of treatment patients in residential care may participate in include:

  • Biofeedback therapy to make a mind-body connection
  • Experiential therapy that may include art, recreation, hiking, and other options
  • Therapy for overcoming negativity in the patients’ lives
  • Holistic therapy for connecting to the whole person

In a residential facility, patients can experience more types of therapy and individualized treatment. The range of therapies can help their minds and bodies to build up and heal after the damage caused by addiction. This level of support, especially from a cohesive treatment team with common goals for patient recovery, can give patients the psychological tools they need to reach a sober state.

Discover More Benefits of Inpatient Rehab at Addiction Rehab Centers

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